Assignment #4 - Final Project: "How To"

Create a 3 part "interactive" video series embedded in a single web page that teaches us "How To..." do something. That "something" is up to you to decide. Let your imagination run wild. But whatever it is, your must teach us how to do it! Each video should be 1-2 mins in length, no shorter, no longer. And the 3 videos can be sructured however you like.

For example, if your topic is "How To Make Lasagna", your 3 videos could

be a series of steps:
  • Step 1 - The Ingredients
  • Step 2 - The Preparation
  • Step 3 - The Cooking
cover a range of levels:
  • Part 1 - Beginner Lasagna Making
  • Part 2 - Intermediate Lasagna Making
  • Part 3 - Advanced Lasagna Making
be entirely different scenarios:
  • Lesson 1 - How To Make Lasagna For Under a $1
  • Lesson 2 - How To Make Lasagna With Your Friends
  • Lesson 3 - How To Make Lasagna On The Go

In terms of interactivity, your webpage must demonstrate a basic understanding of HTML and CSS plus include at least one javascript interaction that complements the teaching being done in the video(s). Interactions can range anywhere from a button that reveals/hides additional content on the page to a Popcorn.js scripted interaction where elements on the page change as videos play.

Assignment #3 - "Trailer Mashup"
There are two parts to this assignmnet. Part 1 entails creating a :90 movie trailer for the original "Finding Nemo" feature film. The :90 trailer should be stylized as if the film were a suspense-thriller film. You will be provided with the movie in mp4 format, music cues, and sound effects. You are allowed to use any of the provided assets, effect any of the source footage, record a narrator, and/or create original graphics/titles. You are not allowed to use any source footage that is not in the film. Part 2 of the assignment is to create a single page web site (running as a local file) where the trailer will "live". The web page should be stylized as if it is a promotional page for the upcoming release of this suspense-thriller film. It should demonstrate a basic understanding of both HTML and CSS.
"Nemo Trailer As A Horror Movie" - Michael Rothman
"Finding Nemo Trailer" - Westin Wendt
Assignment #2 - "The Next Big Thing"
Create a :90 “Kickstarter-esque” video focused on an “NYC CitiBike-Inspired Venture”. You must come up with an idea that will “improve” the CITIBIKE experience by solving a “problem” the new program poses. This could be a physical product, a service, a store, an app, anything - it just has to relate to the new program. Your video is meant to live on a Kickstarter page where you are raising money for this venture. You must include AT LEAST one interview shot, one shot of a CitiBike, and one shot of your “idea”. The “idea” shot could be a drawing, a fake-prototype, a photo, a re-enactment - just need some visual representation of what you are trying to fund. The piece must also include “backer-rewards.” Here is a link to the actual KICKSTARTER VIDEO HELP PAGE for some helpful tips. Be creative and have fun with this.
"CitiFly Parts 1-3" - Erin Finnegan
"Citibike App" - Lilu Wang
"Citibike Helmets" - Westin Wendt
"X-Cycle" - Benjamin Rosenbaum
"T-Shirt Vending Machines" - Michael Rothman
Assignment #1 - "A Story About You"
Create a 1-3 min single shot video telling us a story about yourself. Use only a smartphone camera (if you don't have a smartphone camera, feel free to use any camera at your disposal, whatever's easiest). Shoot it in a single shot, NO EDITING. You are allowed to narrate the video but you are NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN IT. Title your video and upload it online. Be prepared to present and discuss your video in class.
"Second Place?" - Nayana Malhotra
"Self-Portrait" - Erin Finnegan
"Untitled" - Benjamin Rosenbaum
"The Wonder City" - Lilu Wang
"Untitled" - Wes Wendt