ITP - Video For The Web

NYU Summer Session II 2013

Tues & Thurs 6:30 - 9:25pm

Instructor: Craig Protzel

Office Hours: Mondays 6-8pm


Whether shot on a smartphone and pieced together using a $.99 app or filmed on a Canon 5D DSLR and meticulously arranged using high-end editing software, video of all shapes and sizes exist throughout the web. Given the accessibility of tools, how do we create video that is non-linear yet compelling, interactive yet engaging? The goal of this class is to introduce students to the fundamentals of video production and storytelling in the context of short form content intended for the web. Specific genres covered will include trailers, promos, educational videos, documentaries, journalistic pieces, and web series. In the first three weeks of the class, students will learn the basics of both audio and video recording using a variety of cameras and audio recorders. Specific topics covered will include scripts and storyboards, camera usage, editing, lighting, and sound. Students will develop, produce, and finish 3 separate short form pieces of content based on conceptual prompts and technical constraints. The second half of the class will focus specifically on interactive applications of video on the web. A variety of use cases will be covered and students will be encouraged to concept and develop their own final web-based video project. Some web development will be covered but this is not a web development course. Each week, a guest speaker from companies/organizations including HBO, Vimeo, and the Boston Globe will join us to share first-hand industry experiences. Overall course work will include reading assignments and 4 short-form video projects. No prior technical skills are required.


This class will serve as an introduction to storytelling, video production, and web fundamentals with a focus on creating short-form narrative content intended for the web.


  • Develop a creative and technical skill set in storytelling, video production, and web processes
  • Understand and apply traditional short-form narrative practices to web video content
  • Produce tightly focused video pieces with compelling narrative arcs intended for the web
  • Learn how to work with video-production equipment, software, and vocabulary
  • Understand the web-video landscape and trends
  • Gain a basic understanding of front-end web development, specifically HTML, CSS, and Javascript


LEARN - skills, processes, techniques, resources

EXPLORE - challenge, risk, fail, adventure

GROW - empower, tools, perspective

SHARE - describe, document, communicate, contribute


  • Attend all classes and arrive on time to the start of class or office hour appointment
  • Communicate with me if you need to miss class, would like extra help, or schedule additional office hours
  • Complete all assignments and readings
  • Complete and share all required uploads at least 1 hour prior to the start of class
  • Participate in class through presentations, discussion, and feedback
  • Respect fellow students' work, questions, and comments
  • Join class e-mail list


30% - Attendance & Participation

50% - Project Assignments & Documentation

20% - Final Project & Documentation



1) Tues July 9th: Introduction + Storytelling

2) Thurs July 11th: Scripts, Storyboards, & Production


3) Tues July 16th: Production Cont. + Editing

4) Thurs July 18th: Editing Cont. + Titles, Coloring, & Sound


5) Tues July 23rd: FX

6) Thurs July 25th: The Web Part I - Wireframes, HTML, & CSS


7) Tues July 30th: The Web Part II - Intro to Javascript

8) Thurs Aug 1st: The Web Part III - More Javascript


9) Tues Aug 6th: Video Journalism

10) Thurs Aug 8th: Bonus - Real-Time Web


11) Tues Aug 13th: Final Projects Workshop

12) Thurs Aug 15th: Final Projects